Performance Pool

Performance Staking Pool

As per the white paper, 40% of all profits realized from this project and future pipeline projects will vest in the MGT Solar (Pty) Ltd custodian company which is independently managed by fiduciary directors on behalf of the token holders who take part in the performance staking program. All the profits in the custodian company will be converted into financial rewards for participating token holders.

This unique mechanism ensures that despite Megatech MGT being a utility token, token holders have the peace of mind of the plants and projects backing future staking rewards and thereby ensuring sustainability and increased value to all Megatech MGT holders.

Project beta will generate approximately gross $624, 760, 000 gross profit over the next 20 years by selling green energy and trading carbon credit certificates while also contributing on a massive scale towards the battle against carbonisation and the efforts to minimize large energy consumers carbon footprints.

This incredible opportunity is rare in its nature as green energy projects of this magnitude take up to 60 months to develop and mature to Project Beta’s current status.

MGTs roadmap also envisions the utilization of MGT tokens to trade green renewable energy Peer to Peer amongst energy consumers.

PSD is a mechanism to give token holders that choose to participate in the opportunity to receive additional financial rewards from the allocated profits from MGT Solar (Pty) Ltd (custodian company)

40% of nett profit will be allocated to these token holders.

1. Token holders who choose to particapte stake their tokens to a staking wallet
2. These tokens must be staked 3 months prior to financial year end
3. Payment rewards will then be paid to the performance staking pool
4. Rewards can be FIAT currency or cryptocurrency
5. If you withdraw you will not be eligible for the next payout
6. There will be a registration process with KYC requirement.



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